Saturday, December 3, 2016


the air falls in the dark
white flakes
nitrogen, oxygen, CO2
Earth's last coverlet

Friday, December 2, 2016


Red-giant Sol, the final episode of global warming, killed Terra's terminal bacterial biosphere. Primates had done for the rest, as usual.

Age and perception

I broke my neck at 46, still feeling young, and somehow in the subsequent 13 years I have become the kind of little old man at whom female college students smile indulgently, perhaps thinking of their grandfathers. I'm okay with that, but I wonder if I will ever feel old….


winter rain
grass greens at last


ice-filmed water dish
coons and possums
look elsewhere

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Dreams and Nightmares update

Issues 102 through 104 were published in 2016, and all of the poems in those three issues are eligible for the Rhysling award and any other award for poetry, first published in 2016. If you want to nominate or consider nominating poems that I published for any award, and you don't have copies of the relevant issues, ask me for a PDF of any or all of these three 2016 issues.

The Rhysling award is given by the Science Fiction Poetry Association:

The January issue of Dreams and Nightmares, 105, is full, and I will begin laying it down this weekend. I am reading for 106.


first wintry day
and it's winter
calendar's wrong